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Voci Soli Choir Spring 2024 Concert
Music 150
Music 153
Voci Soli Performs in Auditorium

Black History Month Virtual Concert

The movie below is of San Bernardino Valley College's traditional Black History Month/Civil Rights Concert. This concert is always held on the last Friday of February on the stage of the SBVC Auditorium, but due to the pandemic, the 2021 concert has been curated here as a virtual format. The performances and presentations are by students in Voci Soli and Theatrical Music Workshop Class. The students are all from Professor Madeleine Matie Manning Scully's classes, and she is the director of the virtual ensemble (as well as the producer of this movie, with Dr. Chris Berry as technical advisor).

Fall 2021 Opera Recital 

This is a movie of SBVC's students in MUS 159x4: Theatrical Music Workshop. The class this semester was only eight weeks long with a range of experiences represented. Some of the recordings are of fledgling opera singers working through language, vocal technique and the very complex art form of arias and recitatives. Others have some operatic experience, hence this is reflected in their performances of arias and recitatives. While this Movie may not be entirely entertaining, it is entirely instructive! It is indicative of the hard work done online in the past eight weeks by students working from home. Any students interested in taking such a class should contact Matie Scully at to obtain a Pre Requisite Challenge form to expedite enrollment in this class.


Elementary & Intermediate Voice Recital

This is a video of the Elementary and Intermediate Voice Classes Recital. The students performing in this video are mostly new voice students and have had only this semester to study Voice. While the video may be entertaining, it is purposed for the students to learn from and to stock of how much progress they have made this semester. To those viewers watching this video, if you too are interested in learning Voice from a very experienced Voice Professor, enroll at San Bernardino Valley College in MUS 130: Elementary Voice Class!