Music is one of the most profoundly moving experiences of all human endeavors

 Where are we located? 
The Music Department, and concerts in the "MAC"
are in the North Hall Building. map of campus and north hall with parking lot

The SBVC Music Department offers a comprehensive program of music study.

The faculty and students in the department of music share a deep and abiding love for their art and a common desire to achieve excellence in it.  The curriculum provides basic preparation for careers in music or futher study and is designed to provide a balanced education in the many facets of musical experience.  It is the goal of the music department to help students develop their own musical and intellectual potential to the highest possible level.

Members of Voci Soli
Voci Soli Ensemble


Picture of Summer Band
Summer Band

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major or minor in music should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower-division requirements.

There are a variety of performance opportunities through the music vocal ensembles.  For information, contact Matie Manning Scully

Degrees & Certificates