The Architecture and Environmental Design program offers a foundational knowledge for designing sustainable spaces and communities. This area of study allows students to explore a number of fields and build on more specialized knowledge that includes sustainability, housing, material explorations and construction methods, urban planning and issues of environmental justice, and emerging trends in digital design and fabrication. A learning-by-doing approach is stressed in preparation for design-related careers or for transfer to a four-year university for further study in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, or civil engineering. 

The Associate of Science Degree prepares students for a career in design-related disciplines and for transfer to professional degree programs at four-year institutions. 

The Certificate of Achievement prepares students for entry-level positions in a wide range of design professions, and also serves as a foundation for specializing in a design-related focus. 

Many of our students transfer onto a variety of top-tier universities offering accredited architecture programs such as USC and Cal Poly Pomona.

Degrees & Certificates

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