A photo of Rajveer Singh posing with a planeRajveer Singh, 27, recently earned his Commercial Pilot License after participating in SBVC’s Aeronautics program. Originally from India, Singh already held two Bachelor Degrees before pursuing his new dream of becoming a pilot. Knowing he would need to convince his parents to support this additional education, Singh studied on his own to pass online tests and then presented the results as proof he could succeed.

His parents approved.

In Fall 2017, Singh enrolled at SBVC full time and soon began working weekends in Miami to earn private pilot hours. Despite a busy schedule and a bout of what he believes was stress-related sickness, Singh obtained his PowerPlant Certificate in 2018, his Instructor Rating Certification in March 2019, his Ground Instructor Certification on June 3, 2019 and three days later his Commercial Pilot Certification. Singh credits his success to his own resilience and the encouragement and wisdom of his instructors. 

“My instructors motivated me a lot and helped me believe I was capable of things that were undoable. I come from a different background and am new here yet I’m overhauling big engines. Mr. [Larry] Rice also motived me to get my Instructor’s license and helped me think about options I didn’t know existed.” 

Singh is set to graduate with his AA in Flight Operations Management in December 2019.