A photo of Oscar Luna in a SBVC hoodie on a laptop outside the Campus Center building.Oscar Luna arrived at San Bernardino Valley College ready to change his life. 
Luna, 20, was in an independent study program, and chose to enroll at SBVC because "my high school teacher insisted that I should attend a community college in hopes of a better future." He started by studying nursing, but his longtime fascination with computers led him to switch majors. 
"I was always curious about how computers worked at a fundamental level and computer science is the best path for that," the Grand Terrace resident said. 
Now headed to UC Berkeley, Luna is one of only a handful of SBVC computer science majors to transfer to a four-year college. He will major in electrical engineering and computer science, and chose Berkeley because it is "known for having the best computer science program in the country," he said. "It's tied with MIT and Stanford at number one." 
Like the rest of his fellow graduates, Luna had no idea he would end his time at SBVC during a pandemic, but understands the necessity of a virtual commencement.  
"Public health is of the utmost importance right now," he said. "I was really excited to enjoy my last semester at SBVC. I wish things were different, but there are much bigger sacrifices other people are making." 
Nothing can take away his accomplishments, or the memories he made at Valley College. Luna will be attending this year’s virtual Commencement ceremony as one of only 38 students graduating with Highest Honors, or a 3.9–4.0 GPA. 
"I really enjoyed my time at SBVC and I've had lots of professors who have supported me along the way," Luna said. "I'd just like to thank them and all my friends for the support."