College & Community Meeting Event8-14-15 Event

On August 14, 2015, San Bernardino Valley College hosted a third event to review and refine its' strategic goals and initiatives. Formerly titled the Educational Summit & Strategic Visioning, the event was retitled as we continue to include campus and community partners in the planning process.

This event focused on three areas of vital importance to the campus and community:

  • Partnerships:What mutually benefit relationships should SBVC have with the community?
  • Student Success: How does the campus measure student success? What programs are being implemented to promote student success? What more can be done/
  • Student Equity: What is the campus doing to maximize opportunities for all groups? What more can be done?

Attendees provided comments/feedback during the breakout session, see details here.

There were several presentations from key speakers, which are posted here for reference: