Grant Development & Adminstration Office

The San Bernardino Valley College Grant Development & Adminstration Office works with faculty and staff to develop grant proposals for innovative projects. We provide the following services to support the development and submission of all grant-funded proposals at SBVC:

  • Assistance with program/project design, including the articulation of project goals, outcomes, benchmarks, assessment, and evaluation
  • Identification of possible funding sources
  • Budget development
  • Narrative editing and formatting based on content provided by applicant(s)
  • Templates and drafts of letters of commitment and support from SBVC administrators and potential program/project partners
  • Completion of all necessary grant process forms, including those required by District
  • Careful review of all grant applications and proposals to ensure all required elements are complete and meet the grantor's expectations
  • Submission of grant application
  • Workshops and professional development opportunities on program/project design, proposal development, and grant writing


 Have an Idea for a Grant?

Learn more about the grants process at SBVC and how the Grants Office can help work to secure funding for your project or program!