Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I setup Outlook365 on my personal mobile device.

A. We do not directly support employees personal devices. If you need help troubleshooting or repairing your personal device please contact the manufacturer of your device or a repair technician.


Q. How do login or reset my password to the helpdesk.

A. Download this file for instructions.


Q. What is the password requirements for employee email and Web Advisor logins?

A. Your new password must:

  • Must be 8 to 20 characters in length.
  • Must contain at least three of the four characters below:
    • Include at least, one uppercase letter (A-Z).
    • Include at least, one lowercase letter (a-z).
    • Include at least, one number (0-9).
    • Include at least, one special character (for example !, $, #, $)
  • May NOT include any of the following special characters (\, ?, :, *, @, &, =, <,> )
  • May NOT use last five passwords.
  • May NOT use User ID in passwords.
  • May NOT use parts of first or last name that exceed two consecutive characters in passwords.

      IMPORTANT: Your password is case sensitive.


Q. Can I get discounts on technology?

A. Several of the vendors we use provide staff and student technology discounts. See our Vendor Discount Page


Q. How do I setup my Windows 7 computer to print to the copier?

A. Download this file for instructions.


Q. How do I send sensitive data via email?

A. Email is inherently insecure. The law requires that certain data not be sent via standard email. We have the capability to send encrypted emails. Instructions can be downloaded here.


Q. What is the Quick Copy, where is it, and how do I use it?

A. The Quick Copy allows authorized faculty and staff to make last minute copies at the most reasonable cost to the school. The Quick Copy is located in Lib146 and in the T Bldg. Hall. You need to use your employee ID to access the copier. instructions can be found here. While this copier saves money over using department copiers, it is preferred that you send your request to the SBCCD Print Shop first.


Q. Where do I submit copy request to the SBCCD Print Shop.

A. http://webdeskpsp.sbccd.cc.ca.us/PSP/app/PSP_Start.asp


Q. How do I map a network share drive in Windows 7?

A. You will find directions to map your dive here.


Q. I do not see new users in Outlook.

A. This could be the result of Cached mode being wet in Outlook. Follow these instructions to turn off cached mode.


Q. How do I add my photo to Office 365?

A. Instructions can be found here


Q. How do I turn Clutter filter off or on?

A. Instructions can be found here


Q. What do I do if a faculty, staff, or manager quits or leaves the district.

A. If you have Faculty or Staff retiring or resigning, it is the supervising managers responsibility make sure those staff are removed from district and campus IT systems and return equipment that may have been assigned to them.

  1. Email the Rick Hrdlicka about faculty and manager retirements or resignations so that he can verify that they do not have a laptop assigned to them.
  2. An e-mail needs to be sent to SBVC-PrintingServices@sbccd.cc.ca.us to remove them from the campus copiers. (Removal Form found here)
  3. The Manager (Not a secretary) needs to submit Help Desk Ticket to Disable Email, Phone, Financial 2000 and/or Datatel access.
  4. If person is staying on as Adjunct a User Application should be completed to change the users access, title, and assign a voicemail.