picture of sky with dirt from a construction siteDuring the early construction phase of the Physical Sciences (PS) building in 2009 and 2010, the ground had to be prepared to accommodate what would become SBVC’s largest building at nearly 56,000 square feet.

What used to be located on the footprint of the PS building was the north end of the old North Hall and the old Maintenance and Operations facilities.

Truck after truck left the work site with a total of 8,948 tons of material including cardboard, wood, metal, and concrete in order to prepare the ground for new construction. Although soil, dirt and topsoil from site-clearing do not count towards an official point for LEED-certification, the recycling and salvaging of most non-hazardous building materials do count.

This includes (but is not limited to):
• Concrete
• Brick
• Sand
• Crushed rock
• Roofing
• Wood
• Cardboard
• Metals
• Glass
• Plastics
• Insulation