Professor Todd Heible poses with his bicycle in front of the bike rack outside the PS buildingDid you know that the typical American household spends more than $8,000 each year to own and operate a car compared to about $300 for a bike?

Could you imagine not having to buy a parking pass or having to fight for those precious few parking spots?

Both of those issues can be addressed by parking your bike in one of the two bike racks outside the Physical Sciences (PS) building like SBVC Professor Dr. Todd Heibel, Faculty Chair for Geography, Geology, Oceanography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Not convinced?  Here are some reasons Dr. Heibel shared for why he chooses to bike to work:

* It's great exercise

* It's a great way to start the day (even better than caffeine and sugar!)

* It saves wear and tear on your automobile (if you own one at all!)

* A Federal Bike Commuter benefit may be available by your employer