picture of alternative parking spot outside ADSS buildingBy driving an alternative fuel-powered vehicle, you’re already doing your part to help the environment in the region. Beyond the benefits of knowing you’re doing your part, don’t you think you deserve some recognition from your college?

In case you weren’t aware, SBVC has designated special parking spots for alternative energy vehicles as a thank you for your “green” contribution to the SBVC community.

The locations are as follows:

* Lot #2 (near Mt. Vernon and Auditorium)
* Lot #4 (near AD/SS and Art buildings)
* Lot #7 (behind Technical building off of Esperanza)
* Lot #8 (near Student Health Services south of football field/track)
* Lot #11 (between Media & Communications and rear of Campus Center)

(Please note that all existing parking regulations remain in effect for alternative energy vehicle VIP parking spots and spots cannot be exclusively reserved for alternative fuel vehicles. Permits are still required.)