Program Review


Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee examines and evaluates the resource needs and effectiveness of all instructional and service areas.



The Program Review Committee is charged with evaluating the effectiveness of programs and services. The current efficacy cycle for full review is every four years. However, in order to comply with Title 5 regulations, CTE programs are required to review their programs every two years.

Efficacy Resources

Four-Year Efficacy Rotation for Programs and Departments (updated August 2019)

Needs Assessment

The Program Review Committee conducts an annual campus-wide needs assessment each fall. Programs’ requests for budget, equipment, faculty or classified are evaluated and ranked to inform college decision-making. Request for technology or facilities are forwarded to committees charged with evaluating those requests.

Needs Assessment Resources


Committee Chairs

Dr. Paula Ferri-Milligan, Program Review Co-Chair
(909) 384-8244

Dr. Wallace Johnson, Program Review Co-Chair
(909) 384-8502


Institutional Program Review Annual Reports

2017-2018 Institutional Program Review Annual Report

Institutional Program Review Report 2017-2018


2016-2017 Institutional Program Review Annual  Report 

Institutional Program Review 16-17 

Program Review Committee Charge

For regular programmatic assessment on campus, the Program Review Committee examines and evaluates the resource needs and effectiveness of all instructional and service areas. These review processes occur on one-, two-, and four-year cycles as determined by the District, College, and other regulatory agencies. Program Review is conducted by authorization of the SBVC Academic Senate.

The purpose of Program Review is to:

  • Provide a full examination of how effectively programs and services are meeting departmental,divisional, and institutional goals
  • Aid in short-range planning and decision-making
  • Improve performance, services, and programs
  •  Contribute to long-range planning
  • Contribute information and recommendations to other college processes, as appropriate
  • Serve as the campus conduit for decision-making by forwarding information to appropriate committees 


Membership is comprised of at least 3 Vice Presidents or their designees, as appointed by the President, 10% faculty representation by Division, at least 3 classified staff members as appointed by Classified Senate/CSEA, and one student. 

(College Council approved revisions to charge on 3/12/14), (College Council approved revisions on 12/11/13)