Special Transfer Programs

Special Transfer Programs between SBVC, CSU's and UC's

Dual Admissions Program

Each student must complete an intent form in order to notify both the College and the intended transfer school of their interest in the Dual Admission Program.

Cross Enrollment Program

Undergraduate students enrolled in the California Community Colleges, California State University , or the University of California, may enroll at one of the other two institutions via the Cross Enrollment Program without formal admission and without payment of additional state University fees. Check for program qualifications and enrollment conditions.

TAP (Transfer Alliance Program)

Student participation in the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) begins at the Community College level by joining the Honors Program. Program requirements vary from college to college.


If you have further questions about these programs or about other transfer agreements, you may meet with a transfer counselor by calling at (909) 384-4410 to set up an appointment, or send your questions at transfercenter@valleycollege.edu.