No college student should fear for their safety based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. This link connects LGBTQ students with the information and scholarships they need to find the institution with their best interest at heart.

Our web guide helps students effected by binge drinking to learn about alcohol abuse treatment and gain the confidence to commit to this journey to wellness.

164 W. Hospitality Lane, Suite #1
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Phone: (909) 890-9022
Fax: (909) 890-3672

California Coalition for Youth  

California Youth Connection (CYC)  
CYC is guided, focused and driven by current and former foster youth between the ages of 14 and 24, with the assistance of other committed community members. CYC promotes the participation of foster youth in policy development and legislative change to improve the foster care system, and strives to improve social work practice and child welfare policy. CYC Chapters in counties throughout the state identify local issues and use grassroots and community organizing to create change.

California Youth Crisis Line (1-800-843-5200)  
The California Youth Crisis Line is a statewide, toll free, 24-hour, confidential phone line available to young people between the ages of 12-24, and concerned friends and family members. CCY provides crisis intervention counseling on many issues including family problems, sexual assault, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, suicide and more. CCY offers support, encouragement, and referrals to youth needing assistance or in crisis situations. The California Youth Crisis Line connects an average of 12,000 callers with vital resources annually. Agencies as well as young adults from every county in California use the Crisis Line. 

A person who can help you with the court process is the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). The CASA spends time to get to know you and finds out what you need and want. The CASA will go to court with or for you and makes sure the judge and others who are working on your case know your needs and your perspective. Having another adult who is YOUR advocate is always valuable.

County of San Bernardino Dept. of Behavioral Health
850 E. Foothill Blvd., Rialto 92376; Phone: (909) 421-9233; Pager: (909) 420-0560

Foster Care Ombudsman
744 “P” Street, MS9-025
Sacramento, CA 95814
1-877-846-1602 (Toll Free) 
The Foster Care Ombudsman is here to help youth with problems or questions.


From Foster Care to College
Foster youth face huge obstacles, including a lack of financial and emotional support. Despite many having dreams of attending college, just 10 percent enroll in a degree or vocational certificate program. Of those 10 percent, just 26 percent will graduate. This guide highlights the challenges foster youth face in their journey to getting a college degree and provides resources to help them find success.
24/7 Help 844-733-4251

Medi-Cal coverage until 21 years for foster youth
All foster youth are eligible for Medi-Cal. Youth have the right to receive needed medical and dental care while in foster care and after they emancipate (see All County Information Notice No. I-117-00 accessible from the Home Page). Through the Extended Medi-Cal Program for Emancipated Foster Youth, young people whose dependency terminated at 18 or later can continue to receive Medi-Cal until their 21st birthday. It is important to take care of yourself and stay healthy, and there are services that can help you do that. If you are going to emancipate from foster care or you have already emancipated from foster care, contact your Independent Living Coordinator or your social worker to sign-up for the Extended Medi-Cal Program for Emancipated Foster Youth.

Medi-Cal Hot-Line
If you already have Medi-Cal and have questions about bills for medical care or pharmacy costs, you can contact the Medi-Cal Hotline at 916-636-1980. (You must have a current Medi-Cal card when you call this number.)

NINELINE (1-800-999-9999)  
Provides 24-hour information, referrals and assistance to any youth in crisis regarding various topics such as family, relationships, feelings, suicide, basic needs, abuse, health, sex, drugs & alcohol, & running away.

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance (RPYA) 
RPYA is a support organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and their families and friends in Southern California’s Inland Empire.

San Bernardino County ILP
(909) 891-3300

San Bernardino Valley College
Foster & Kinship Care Education Program

Affordable College

Link of Interest: 

Foundation for California Community College’s YESS Program Information Page