"The YESS Program empowers foster youth to better understand their choices and actions, and supports a successful transition into adulthoood.  Each year, approximately 4,000 of California's foster youth turn 18 and become independent, many without the necessary skills to support themselves. The YESS Program's comprehensive, integrated, and multi-level services address academic performance and life-skills training with the end goal being a college degree or certificate completion, self-sufficiency, and employment." – Foundation for California Community Colleges

San Bernardino Valley College's YESS/ILP offers Life Skills classes to eligible foster youth, referred to us by the County. The 14-week classes consists of four modules: Daily Living Skills, Education, Employment and Financial Literacy.

"San Bernardino Valley College maintains a culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to provide high-quality education, innovative instruction, and services to a diverse community of learners. Its mission is to prepare students for transfer to four-year universities, to enter the workforce by earning applied degrees and certificates, to foster economic growth and global competitiveness through workforce development, and to improve the quality of life in the Inland Empire and beyond."