Tumaini Program

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What does "Tumaini" mean?

Tumaini is Swahili for hope.

What is the Tumaini Program?

The Tumaini Program is a learning community designed to increase academic and personal success, and promote transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Tumaini targets students who are interested in learning about African-American history, literature, and culture. Tumaini instructors and counselors use collaborative and other community building stategies to enhance students' learning potential in and out of the classroom. The Program will combine elements of counseling and other courses (English, Math) to assist students with the rigors of college life. Tumaini is open to all students.

Program Requirements

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In the summer, Tumaini students enroll in a preparation for college courses to better prepare them to take academic courses in the fall and spring semesters.

Fall and Spring
Summer Tumaini students continue in the program for the following two semesters. In the Fall semester, students take English 015, History 138, and Student Development 102. For the Spring semester, students enroll into transferable English 101 and History 139. Tumaini students work with the same counselor, meet with financial aid, transfer and career specialists, to prepare for life after SBVC.

Complete an Application

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Program Services

--Assistance with Registration
--Career Counseling
--Cohort Classe                                                                                                                       --Cultural Fieldtrips
--Educational Planning
--Educational and cultural Fieldtrips
--Financial Aid Counseling
--Free English and Math Tutoring
--Personal Guidance

For More Information Contact
Kathy Kafela and Daniele Smith 
Tumaini Coordinators
AD/SS 203 & PS-138
(909) 384-8950 & (909) 384-8651