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The Umoja-Tumaini program is a learning community for students interested in learning about African-American history, literature, and culture. We are here to support you in completing your academic goals, whether it's earning a certificate or degree and/or transferring to a four-year college.

Umoja is a Kiswahili word meaning unity. The Umoja-Tumaini Program gains meaning through its connection to the African Diaspora. African and African American intellectual, cultural, and spiritual gifts inform the Umoja-Tumaini Program values and practices. The program seeks to nurture knowledge of and pride in these treasures. The learning experience within the program will provide you the opportunity to add your voice and your story to the collective voices and stories of the African Diaspora. 


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Happening in Umoja-Tumaini

Benefits of Participating in Umoja-Tumaini

As an Umoja-Tumaini student, you’ll have access to resources and opportunities to help you while at SBVC. 

Cohort Classes

You will take classes with your Umoja-Tumani peers. Click here to view all cohort classes.

Supportive Umoja-Tumaini Counselors

You'll have access to dedicated counselors

Umoja-Tumaini Study Hall

LA-106 is a dedicated space on campus for you to study with your Umoja peers.  

Student Success Workshops

Workshops specialized to the needs of Umoja-Tumani students


Our tutors are available to help you in your classes

Special Events

Cultural events, an annual HBCU College Tour, retreats, and more!


Umoja-Tumaini Program Requirements

Umoja-Tumaini is open to all SBVC students who meet the following requirements.

Have an interest in learning about African American culture, literature, and experiences.

Set your educational goal

Umoja-Tumani is designed for students seeking to complete a certificate, associate's degree, and/or transfer to a four-year university.

Meet with your Umoja-Tumaini Counselor

With your Umoja-Tumani counselor, you will complete a comprehensive educational plan and then continue to meet with them two times each semester.

Attend a minimum of two Umoja-Tumaini workshops each semester.

Maintain academic progress

You will need to keep a minimum 2.0 grade point average and complete semester progress reports.

Attend Umoja-Tumaini Orientation

Orientation date and location will be provided at the intake appointment (after your apply).

Register for Mandatory Courses

Fall Semester: Student Development 102 and History 138
Spring Semester: Student Development 103 and History 139


Get Started in Umoja-Tumaini

Ready to join the Umoja-Tumaini community? The first step is to complete our online application on umojacommunity.org!