Important Information for International Students Taking Online Classes

Information for International Students

International student admissions requirements are different from the requirements for U.S. citizens.
In order to enroll in DE classes, an international student must first be admitted to SBVC, and comply with the application deadlines and requirements for all SBVC international applicants.

Do international students have any special DE requirements?

Yes. International students attending SBVC on an F-1 Visa have special limitations regarding online classes.
Due to Homeland Security requirements, international students are limited in the number of units they can take online each semester. International students are limited to one class, which is usually 3 units.

How many DE classes can an international student apply toward her or his degree?

The DE provision does not limit the number of online DE credits that can be used towards a degree's requirements.

What if the student has only one class left in their course of study? Can they take an online DE class as their only course in the final semester of study?

If a student needs only one course to finish his or her program of study, it cannot be taken online. There must be a physical presence requirement for the course. If a student remains in the United States without reporting to any class, it becomes a security issue and is not allowed.

For further questions regarding international students, please contact the Office of International Student Services.

San Bernardino Valley College
San Bernardino, CA USA
Phone: 909-384-4404