1. The person doing the work is the person getting the credit

By using your unique userID and unique password to access the District-sponsored Learning Management System, you are affirming, in fact, that you are the person registered for the course, the person doing the work for the course, and the person getting the credit for the course.  It is a violation of the academic honesty and intellectual integrity policies of SBVC to log in to someone else's account and pretend to be that person.  

2. Plagiarism

Students have often been rewarded for copying and pasting something from the internet into their own papers without proper citation.  But this practice is plagiarism.  And plagiarism is a violation of the academic honesty and intellectual integrity policies of SBVC. 

3. "The computer ate my homework"

It might be convenient to blame technology for everything.  But that practice fails to recognize that students are responsible for their own computer access and stable internet connection.  Although the District-sponsored Learning Manage System will, from time to time, have problems, students need to accept responsibility for their own actions, actions that might be conveniently blamed on an impersonal component of technology. 

In the spring of 2014, SBVC's Academic Senate held rigorous debates about the elements of academic integrity at the college.  The agendas and minutes recording those debates can be found on the SBVC website at the Academic Senate link.  This extensive discussion demonstrates that SBVC takes academic integrity very seriously, not only for DE classes but for all classes throughout the college.