Arts Connection's Youth Art Innovation Fellows Visit SBVC

September 24, 2023

The Arts Council of San Bernardino County has been on a mission to nurture creativity and empower young artists through its Youth Art Innovation Fellowship (YAIF) program.

SBVC Faculty Members Appointed To New Leadership Roles

September 22, 2023

San Bernardino Valley College leadership is changing, with Dr. Stephanie Lewis, Anthony Castro, and Bethany Tasaka all stepping into new roles.

SBVC Partners With CJUSD Allowing Students To Earn AA Degree In High School

September 20, 2023

Starting this year, incoming freshmen at Bloomington High School can apply to the Early College Program, where students will earn college credits during high school and possibly graduate high school with an associate's degree. Students in Early College will take San Bernardino Valley College courses provided on the BHS campus before school during zero period, as well as one day a week after school on Wednesdays.

"Soaring To Success:" SBVC Unveils New Theme For 2023-24

September 18, 2023

As the fall semester begins at San Bernardino Valley College, campus is abuzz with anticipation and excitement. Capping a Convocation Week full of faculty orientations and workshops, Opening Day held a special significance as Interim President Dr. Linda Fontanilla took the stage to unveil the theme for the academic year: "Taking Flight: Soaring with Partners for Student Success."

SBVC Nursing Alumna Spreads Joy Through Sewing

August 28, 2023

In addition to her work as a nurse, Ellsworth enjoys sewing, a skill she has used to help the hospital's staff and patients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she started making hats and face masks for co-workers out of scrubs that were no longer needed.

Summer Bridge Prepares Students for College Life

August 25, 2023

Summer Bridge is one way for incoming Valley-Bound Commitment students to develop the skills necessary for a successful first year of college.

Dr. Linda Fontanilla Launches Community Presentation Series

August 23, 2023

Throughout the summer, Interim President Dr. Linda Fontanillaconducted a presentation series for various influential community groups, including local chambers of commerce and rotary associations.

Summer Enrollment Grows Driven by Free Tuition & Textbooks

August 21, 2023

Offering all students free tuition and textbooks at SBVC likely has a significant impact on student enrollment, as was witnessed firsthand this summer when total student headcount increased by 33% over the prior summer, from 5,680 in Summer 2022 to 7,551in Summer 2023.