Group photo
B-100 filled for the event

San Bernardino Valley College Student Health Services held a special event called Men’s Empowerment Day on November 29, 2023. The event was the first of its kind on the SBVC campus, with an aim to increase awareness of men’s mental health issues as well as the mental health resources available to men. While the focus of the event was on men’s health, all SBVC students were invited to participate in a luncheon which included an informational session focused on men’s mental health awareness.

The luncheon began with a screening of suicide prevention advocate Lori Prichard’s TED Talk. In the TED Talk, Prichard delved into the intimate research that she had conducted into her husband’s mental health following his suicide. Prichard discovered numerous warning signs of the severe depression that he had struggled with that had gone unnoticed to his friends and family before his ultimate decision to end his life.

Prichard’s personal account demonstrates the significance of examining mental health through a male lens in order to provide timely prevention and early intervention for men struggling with mental health.

The event ended with information about resources and supportive communities for men seeking help and overcoming the stigmas around men’s mental health.