The SBVC Food Truck course has begun for the fall of 2019, providing Culinary Arts students a training lab that doubles as a simulated food truck experience. Culinary arts students will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare to be an accomplished professional in the hospitality industry. Chef Danny Babin, instructor for the Food Truck Restaurant and Catering Services course (CULART-012) here at SBVC, encourages anyone who is considering a career in the food truck industry to enroll in this 11-week course. “You will be learning every aspect of the food truck industry,” he said, “including getting hands-on knowledge by serving lunches on campus and experiencing food truck events from our very own Valley Food Truck!”

The course is an instructional, laboratory-driven overview of the mobile food service industry with an emphasis on food truck menu design and execution, vehicle operations and maintenance, business operations and success strategies, career opportunities, and customer service. Topics include a brief history and description of industry segments emphasizing technology, ethics, leadership, teams, and service standards. This class is as hands-on and real as it gets. Students get to develop the menu, prepare all items from scratch, and operate lunch services for the public. 

The Culinary Arts team, in collaboration with the campus’s Marketing and Public Relations team, recently launched a newly designed website to complement the added course. At, viewers can browse through the menu, read student testimonial, check out a gallery of photos, and even track the food truck in real time! Chef Babin says that even if you don’t join the course, you can still enjoy the food, with two Food Truck Lunch events scheduled every week until early December. The truck’s menu and food offerings are an extension of the student-run restaurant, The Sunroom, which is bistro-style burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, where everything is made from scratch and vegan/vegetarian options are available.

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