Prospective students can now take a tour of the San Bernardino Valley College campus from anywhere; all they need is just an internet connection. A virtual tour was recently added to the SBVC website, with video clips providing an overview of the campus, showing where each building is and the departments located inside.

The videos are all captioned, and there's also text on the page explaining what can be found in each building. Several of the videos include historical information as well; the Auditorium's clip reveals that in 1950, Richard Nixon spoke there while campaigning for Senate, and Hillary Clinton visited while first lady in 1996. Matriculation coordinator Yancie Carter said SBVC is offering this tour because it is an effective way to reach more people. "With the high use of technology, it's important to leverage it in order to meet the needs of today's students," she said.

It took about six months to put the tour together, including scouting locations, conducting research, writing the script, filming the segments, and editing the video. Students volunteered to provide narration for the videos, and everyone involved in the project learned something new about the campus. "Although SBVC is a large campus, it is quite easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for," Carter said.

To watch the digital tour, please visit