SBVC Outreach & Recruitment Serves as Bridge Into Local Community

The Outreach Department at San Bernardino Valley College is essential in encouraging prospective, incoming, and transfer students to reach their academic goals here at our school. Outreach coordinator Cindy Huerta especially strives to motivate and empower students in pursuit of their educational goals by promoting awareness of support services, academic programs and other scholastic opportunities.

Part of Huerta's newest outreach efforts include translating presentation materials and other documents, serving as a bridge to the Spanish-speaking community. She and Alejandra Aguilera, the social media coordinator at SBVC, both recently translated materials targetting prospective students, including a "Steps to Enrollment" brochure and a general SBVC brochure titled, “Tu Futuro Comienza Aqui.“ Thanks to the hard work of Huerta, Aguilera, and SBVC’s student ambassadors, SBVC is able to reach a broader audience, continuing its mission of educating the community.   
"The SBVC Outreach and Recruitment Office plays a vital role on campus," Huerta said. "We are constantly on the go and in the community spreading the word about all the amazing programs and student support services we offer."  
The Outreach department also sets up presentations, workshops, college fairs, and parent nights with local high schools, community groups, and faith-based organizations. These close relationships benefit both parties, as members of the community learn about the classes and programs SBVC has to offer, while the college stays informed about what is happening off-campus.  
"By taking an active role in the community, we are able to learn about the concerns that parents, students, and counselors might have," Huerta said. "The community members are also our prospective students, so the Outreach Office benefits by being accessible to them and promoting a college-going culture.”