SBVC Auditorium Featured in ABC News “Hometown Tour” Segment

In a personalized segment for ABC News, reporter Leticia Juarez toured her most memorable places from her hometown of San Bernardino. San Bernardino Valley College was featured as an important point in her childhood, as it marked the time in the 1980s when her mom decided to return to school and earn her college degree.

“Do you remember walking through these doors?” she asks her mom in the news segment. “Oh yes,” she answered emphatically. Juarez stood on the stage of the historic SBVC Auditorium with her mother, Leticia Juarez-Johnston, who recalled her involvement in the theater program at San Bernardino Valley College. Juarez and her sister were also recruited to play various rolls in the Mexican American Pageant on campus.

"It was very important for me that you and your sister embrace my culture, the Mexican culture, so you would know where I come from," said Juarez-Johnston.