On Tuesday, March 27, San Bernardino Valley College hosted respected anthropologist and university professor Dr. Juli Grisby for a lecture addressing pressing matters of today’s society.

Originally from the Inland Empire, Dr. Grigsby is a socio-cultural anthropologist who has lectured at universities across the country on issues regarding critical race theory, feminist and queer theory, women's health and violence, and U.S. social movements. She is also a noted photographer, and author of her current book project, “Grim Sleeper: Gender, Violence, and Reproductive Justice in Los Angeles.” She currently serves as the assistant professor of Anthropology at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.

SBVC Sociology professor Anthony Blacksher said Dr. Grigsby can provide valuable insight for young scholars into the practical applications of anthropology today. “The work she is doing right now highlights the unique oppression of Black women and how that can be rendered invisible when things are seen as merely women's issues, Black issues, or issues in our society at large,” he said. “To this point, Dr. Grigsby's latest work connects the structural and economic conditions faced by Black women with the very real violence that is enacted upon them, politically and physically.” He hopes Dr. Grisby's lecture will inspire more students to consider fields in the social sciences, especially anthropology.

SBVC’s Arts, Lectures & Diversity Committee is happy to announce this special event San Bernardino Valley College will welcome respected scholar and anthropologist Juli Grigsby Ph.D., to ponder a headier discussion that may hit closer to home for some students than their traditional textbook studies.