On May 14, 2021 SBVC hosted the 25th Annual Spotlighting Our Success Awards, an awards ceremony that celebrates our hardworking and dedicated staff and faculty.

This year we celebrate an abundance of Academic Rank Recognitions between 2020 and 2021.

  • Anthony Ababat, Jennifer Bjerke, Anthony Blacksher, Keynasia Buffong, Yancie Carter, Anthony Castro, Maribel Cisneros, Alicia Hallex, Andrea Hecht, Lisa Henkle, Carol Jones, Judith Joshua, Steven Lee, Michael Levine, Micah Martin, Sana Massad, Joshua Milligan, Botra Moeung, Brandy Nelson, Miguel Ortiz, John Roberts, Matthew Robles, Soha Sobhanian, Malik Stalbert, Christina Torres, Bruce Underwood, Maria Valdez, Margaret Worsley advanced in academic rank to Associate Professors
  • Kellie Barnett and Marcia Alfano-Wyatt advanced to Professors.
  • Horace Alexander and Michael Lysak advanced to Professor Emeritus.


Award Winners

The winners of the Outstanding Professor Award were:

Margaret Worsley
Associate Professor, Music

Margaret Worsely

Professor Worsley teaches in the Music Department at San Bernardino Valley College, and has an excellent reputation as a faculty member who goes the extra mile to support our diverse population. She provides an outstanding format for her online classes, and is readily available to students both online, after class, and in her office hours. Students rate her music classes as “my favorite class” and often brag (during my class!) how much they have learned, and are inspired to learn, because of her teaching. In addition to her excellent teaching skills, she is also a skilled musician in her own right. Perhaps that is why she inspires so many of our student musicians. They look to her success as something that they could work for, in achieving their own dreams. While I believe these arguments offer proof enough of her qualities as an Outstanding Professor, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Part of being a great professor is also being a great faculty leader. Professor Worsley works tirelessly to support the advancement of our Online Program as one of the Online Committee Co-Chairs. Even before Covid-19 had rocked all of our professional lives, Professor Worsley and Davena Burns worked to represent our college in the online consortium while also growing and supporting a robust online program at our own college. This dynamic duo created our three tier training sessions for online faculty—and then provided feedback to the instructors who were working their way through the training. When the district made the decision to move all of our classes online, Professor Worsley provided training for instructors who required help for those who were learning to log into Canvas, or for those who wanted to be the next all-time Zoom star. She has worked countless hours preparing faculty to meet the needs of our students, and still maintains a smile through it all.

Margaret Worsely



Bethany Tasaka
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Bethany Tasaka

A sine wave of energy recently hit Valley College in the form of a fresh crop of youthful math professors. None have impacted our division more than Bethany Tasaka, and we are pleased to nominate her for the honor of Outstanding Professor. Her contributions extend far beyond a bullet-point list of extracurricular 

achievements, but we shall begin with those. Bethany arrived here in the Spring of 2017 with a straightforward threeword motto: HERE TO SERVE. Just a few months into her tenure, she agreed to accept the arduous task of Academic Senate secretary. This major role involves taking all the notes, recording votes for the Brown Act, typing up, editing, and posting the minutes, participating on the Executive Committee, and now updating the Senate web site. She represents our campus on District Assembly, is the Ed Policy Chair, and serves on the Accreditation and Outcomes Committee. Since 2019, she has willingly added the task of SLO Faculty Lead. On top of all else, this Spring she said yes when invited to serve on the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).

The above is already a bulging resumé, but there is much more. Bethany has been involved with our campus Food Pantry. She lends her wisdom to the Safe Spaces work group and helped organize a discussion for them on Flex Day. Despite her full load as a professor, Bethany carves out time to participate in b

ook club discussions. Her peers in Mathematics have so often appreciated her spirit of volunteerism. Is there a suddenly-called Friday morning work group on Student Learning Outcomes? “Sure, I”ll be there.” When holidays come around, she decorates her own cubicle with flair, and then goes down the hall to also contribute to the departmental ambience. When a peer needs tips on freshening up syllabi, how to log onto Zoom, or help with a comedy Math video to show at the Scholarship Celebration, you will invariably find the name Tasaka in the closing credits. When a knot of nerd professors gathers at a local restaurant to decompress on a Thursday night, odds are good it was her idea. Chance to walk by the faculty workroom and peer inside, and she is there with four or five students, nudging them toward trig solutions. Go by two hours later – still there. Sit down in the bleachers for a volleyball contest or a Wolverines football playoff game, and she is there on the fifty-yard line. (Bethany is a somewhat noisy fan!) She attends plays, drops in for V

alley musical concerts, and poetry slams.

Thankfully, this selfless young dynamo is our homegrown resource! Bethany was born to two Valley alums and raised right here in Colton; she and her family are active pillars in a local Vineyard church where they serve hot meals for the homeless and provide groceries to those in need. On top of all else, this generous young professional is just plain nice! Her students appreciate her; Bethany’s peers have come to count on her for support and encouragement and a quick, insightful quip. In that spirit, we submit her name to the Valley College faculty community and invite your affirmation of Bethany’s selfless contributions with a YES vote.


Bethany Tasaka





The winners of the Classified Senate Award were:

Judy Rodriguez
President, Classified Senate. Secretary, Office of Administrative Services

Rudy Rodriguez

Judy Rodriguez is making San Bernardino Valley College a better place, for students and employees alike. Rodriguez is an administrative secretary in the Office of Administrative Services, as well as president of the Classified Senate. She understands where everyone is coming from, as she was once a student at Valley College herself. 

"I'm proud to say that I work here at SBVC, especially being an alumna," she said. "I am always encouraging my nieces and nephews to start here at Valley before going anywhere else. It's what I did and because of that, I was able to qualify for the position that I am in." 

Born and raised in San Bernardino, Rodriguez was the first in her family to earn a college degree. She still lives in town, and loves it. "This is home, and I know that big things are coming to this city again," she said. "I'm excited to be a part of it."

Rodriguez has worked at SBVC since 2010, and is known for her institutional knowledge and great customer service skills. Last spring, her colleagues nominated her for a Spotlighting Our Success award, and she was honored with two: Administrative Services Achievement Award and Administrative Services Excellence Award. 

"In my years here at SBVC this was the first time to be nominated, which was an honor in itself, but to turn around and win both, it was great," she said. 

Rodriguez looks forward to seeing what her future at SBVC will bring, and is glad she chose to stay at her alma mater. "I love the community and population we serve here," she said.

Rudy Rodriguez





The winner of the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty award was: 

Mary Lawler

Mary Lawler


Mary Lawler


This year Diana Rodriguez issued a President's Award to the 2020 Accreditation Committee:

Diana giving the award to the 2020 Accreditation Committee

Amy Avelar, Angela Grotke, Bethany Tasaka, Brandy Nelson, Celia Huston, Dina Humble, Elaine Akers, Joanna Oxendine, Jose Martinez, Kay Dee Yarbrough, Keenan Giles, Patricia Quach, Rick Hrdlicka, Tarif Halabi, Taylor DeBenedictis and Yvette Lee