Training Requirements

All faculty are required to complete Level 1 training or meet equivalency for teaching in the online environment. Years of experience teaching in the online environment does not waive this requirement for faculty. The qualifications for teaching online at San Bernardino Valley College is Level One, as established by the Distance Education Committee per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Training Courses

SBVC Distance Education has created training classes for instructors wanting to begin preparation for online teaching. These classes are housed in Canvas and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Level 1 training is encouraged by all online instructors to take, as it covers national and state standards.

If you are interested in enrolling in a class, please click on one of the links below:

Online Faculty Training

  • Level 0 training is intended for the new user of Canvas or anyone who needs more remedial training on the functions of Canvas and how to navigate the LMI (Learning Management System).  The objectives of Level 0 include how to create a home page, content pages, discussions and the communication tools within Canvas.  SBVC does not currently facilitate this course, but the CVC-OEI and @One training offers a self-paced course for those who need to learn these skills.  There is no cost for the self-paced course and enrollment is open. Follow the link below to locate and register for the course. This course does not meet the minimum level of training requirement set for SBVC and does not qualify for compensation according to the CTA MOU on DE Training.

    Introduction to Teaching with Canvas: Self-Paced

  • Level 1 training is a facilitated course with weekly assignments to be submitted as evidence of competency in various areas.  The topics covered in Level 1 include Title 5 language related to Distance Education, accessibility responsibilities, student support and equity, student-to-student interactions and instructor-to-student interactions.  Level 1 does not teach you how to use the functions of Canvas. Participants should have a basic knowledge of Canvas functions i.e. how to upload documents, how to navigate modules, etc. prior to taking Level 1.  Without such foundational knowledge, the amount of time required to complete the work in the course will increase significantly. This course satisfies the minimum training requirement at SBVC. Training completed between March 2020 and May 2022 qualifies for compensation according to CTA MOU on DE Training.

    Spring 2024 Level 1 Trainings:

    • 4-week Level 1: January 22 - February 18, 2024
    • 4-week Level 1: April 1 - 28, 2024


    Summer 2024 Level 1 Trainings:

  • New Level 2 will focus on best practices of Equity and Engagement within the online classroom. 

    Pre-Requisite: You must have successfully completed Level 1 (or have obtained a Level 1 equivalency) in order to take Level 2

    • Spring Dates Forthcoming
  • Faculty who have completed Level 1 prior to March 2020. Training completed during this time does not qualify for compensation acccording to the CTA MOU on DE Training.

    Below is a comprehensive list of all faculty who have completed the minimum Level 1 DE Training and are approved to teach online. List includes faculty who have received equivalency. List should be used to determine faculty qualifications for teaching online. Faculty who complete Level 1 training between March 2020 and May 25, 2022 qualify for compensation acccording to the CTA MOU on DE Training.

Questions related to Online Teaching training may be directed to the DE Faculty Co-Leads, Davena Burns-Peters and Margaret Worsley at

If you are interested in other professional development activities regarding online teaching, please contact Rania Hamdy, Professional Development Coordinator at SBVC (


San Bernardino Valley College Distance Education maintains reciprocity for Level 1 online training with its sister school, Crafton Hills College. Online Faculty who have completed first level requirements at Crafton Hills will be granted equivalency for San Bernardino Valley College Level 1 training upon request. 

DE Equivalency

 Many of the surrounding community colleges have implemented training that may be similar in content to what SBVC is requiring. If you have taken online instructional training through another institution or through @One, you may qualify for equivalency. Level 1 training at SBVC is based on @One's Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning (IOTL) course. If you have taken this specific training somewhere else within the past three years, the SBVC DE Team will happily review your certificate and badge for a local training exemption. To do this, please complete the Equivalency Request Form. Attach any evidence, such as certificate or badge to the request. Equivalency reqeust are reviewed weekly. Results are emailed to the faculty, Department Chair, and Division Dean.

As of Spring 2022, minimum level training at Riverside City College and Chaffey College (prior to Fall 2021) are not equivalent to San Bernardino Valley College's Level 1 training.

Equivalent Trainings

Faculty can be confident the following trainings have been vetted and deemed equivalent to the San Bernardino Valley College DE Level 1 Training. To obtain equivalency for any of the trainings below, submit the Equivalency Request Form.

  • Mt. San Antonio College's SPOT certification training (as of Spring 2020)
  • Santa Ana College's Gold Level Training
  • Mount San Jacinto College's SQOT course
  • College of the Desert's Online Certification
  • Victor Valley College's Distance Education instructor Certification (DEIC - post May 2019)
  • Santiago Canyon College's Remote Learning Workshop
  • Cabrillo College's DE Academy
  • The 4CDE Institute (Contra Costa, Diablo Valley, and Laney Colleges)
  • College of the Canyons Online Instructor Certification
  • Orange Coast College Strategies for Teaching and Learning Online (STLO)
  • Chaffey College (starting Fall 2021)
  • Long Beach City College's Online Teaching Seminar 3.0 (starting Spring 2021)
  • Ventura College's Online Teacher Training Course in Canvas
  • Golden West College Level 2 Online Teaching Certification (starting August 2020)

Equivalency FAQ

  • No, @One's Introduction to Canvas course does not cover breadth and depth of SBVC's Level 1 training, including recent Title 5 changes and updated ACCJC accreditation requirements and standards.

  • Yes, if you have completed the Online Teaching and Learning through @One within the past three years, you will qualify for an eqivalency for Level 1.

  • Yes, if you have completed Certificate in Online Teaching & Design with @One within the past three years, you will qualify for an equivalency for Level 1

Think you meet equivalency? Please complete this form.