Course List

To date 81 courses have been reviewed for Credit for Prior Learning at San Bernardino Valley College:

ACCT 010    Bookkeeping

ACCT 090   Payroll Accounting

ADJUS 102   Principles and Procedures of the Justice System
ADJUS 104   Legal Aspects of Evidence
ADJUS 106   Principles of Investigation

AERO 022   Private Pilot Ground School 
AERO 026    Airframe Structures 
AERO 040   Instrument Ground School 
AERO 052   Airframe Maintenance – Structures 
AERO 052L  Airframe Maintenance – Structures 
AERO 053  Airframe Maintenance – Systems and Components 
AERO 053L  Airframe Maintenance Lab – Systems and Components 
AERO 054   Powerplant Maintenance – Reciprocating Engine Overhaul 
AERO 054L  Powerplant Maintenance Lab – Reciprocating Engine Overhaul

AUTO 050   Automotive Brakes
AUTO 052   Automotive Suspension and Steering
AUTO 056   Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
AUTO 062   Egine Performace 
AUTO 075   Automatic Transmissions Rear Wheel Drive
AUTO 090   Engine Repair

BUSAD 100  Introduction to Business
BUSAD 103   Marketing Prnciples
BUSAD 105  Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
BUSAD 110   Human Resource Management
BUSAD 120  Business Management/Leadership
BUSAD 127   Business Communication
BUSAD 151  Human Relations

CIT 010   Beginning Keyboarding and Word Processing
CIT 021   Word Processing: Comprehensive Microsoft Word
CIT 031   Business English
CIT 050   Medical Records and Health Information
CIT 091   Computer Network Fundamentals (Cisco Network Academy)
CIT 092   Basic Switching and Routing (Cisco Network Academy)
CIT 100  Introduction to Personal Computers
CIT 101   Introduction to Computer Literacy 
CIT 102  Advanced Computer Literacy 
CIT 110  Information and Communications Technology Essentials
CIT 114  Spreadsheets:Excel 
CIT 116  Database Management: Access
CIT 140  Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
CIT 160  Introduction to Information Systems Security

COMMST  Elements of Public Speaking

CORREC 101  Introduction to Corrections
CORREC 104  Control and Supervision in Corrections

ELEC 021  Blueprint Reading for Building Energy Systems
ELECTR 110 Direct Current Circuit Analysis
ELECTR 111  Direct Current Circuit Laboratory
ELECTR 115  Alternating Current Circuit Analysis
ELECTR 116  Alternating Current Circuit Laboratory
ELECTR 230  Semiconductor Devices
ELECTR 235  Solid State Circuit Analysis
ELECTR 250C  Radio Transmitters, Receivers and Antennas

GEOG 130  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS 100  Map Interpretation and Geospatial Analysis
GIS 133  GIS Cartography and Base Map Development

HMDT 021  Heavy-Duty Truck Engines
HVAC/R006  HVAC/R Air Distribution Systems

INSPEC 012  Fundamentals of Construction Inspection: Wood, Steel, Masonry

KIN 231  First Aid and CPR
KINF 138A  Beginning Physical Fitness

MUS 100  Music Appriciation
MUS 106  History of Jazz
MUS 141X2  Applied Music
MUS 170X2  Jazz Improvisation and Theory I

OCEAN 101  Elements of Oceanography
OSHA 030  Federal OSHA Outreach:Construction Industry Safety
OSHA 035  Federal OSHA Outreach: General Industry Safety

POLICE 001  Police Academy Preparation

REALST 068  Real Estate Appraisal: Residential
REALST 074   Legal Aspects of Real Estate
REALST 076  Property Manangement

SDEV 102  Pathways for College Success
SPAN 101  College Spanish I 
SPAN 101H  College Spanish I - Honors
SPAN 102  College Spanish II 
SPAN 103  College Spanish III 
SPAN 104  College Spanish IV

WELD 010  Introduction to Welding 
WELD 015  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Beginning 
WELD 045  Shielded Metal Arc Welding Beginning 
WELD 047  Preparation for Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Pipe 
If you have prior learning experience that you feel would qualify for CPL, but you don't see the discipline or course in our list, please email  SBVC

We are still building our CPL database and will reach out to our faculty on your behalf to see if CPL is a good fit!

Approved Military Courses/Occupations can be found below under American Council on Education.


To Current and Prospective Students: the information provided in this system is meant to be used as a guide only for how your current or former courses from a previous institution will transfer to SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY College. Course equivalences provided through TES are subject to change as institutions and updated courses are frequently added and amended. The database does not take the place of a counselor or proper student advisement and educational planning. Please schedule an appointment with a counselor as final decisions regarding transferable courses is contingent upon official transcript evaluations and your educational goal. Please visit for more information regarding the transferability of courses from California Community Colleges (CCC), California State Universities (CSU), and University of California (UC). Credit for Prior Learning for Veterans please view American Council on Education (ACE) articulations below.