All Financial Aid Grant funds will be disbursed electronically to the Wolverine Card or direct deposit depending on student selection. For those students who did not select an electronic deposit option, a check will be mailed to the address on file with the school. If your address changes, it is your responsibility to update the Admissions and Records Office immediately to avoid delays.

Students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA Application prior to the priority deadline (March 2, 2017). Files will be processed in the order in which received based on the date the FAFSA Application was submitted and the date the last required document was submitted to the Financial Aid Office. All files are processed on a first come, first serve basis depending on the number of applications waiting for processing. Disbursements will be made to eligible students with complete financial aid files, who are enrolled in classes and meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Once eligibility has been determined students will receive an award letter notification sent via email to their school provided email address.

Please view our Disbursement Schedule for Fall 2017 for tentative dates according to your file completion status date which can be viewed on WebAdvisor. 

  • Pell Grant disbursements are typically split into two (2) disbursements per semester or four (4) disbursements for the academic year.
    • Disbursement amounts are based upon each student's enrollment status and prorated accordingly.
    • The first disbursement is released for Fall students during the first week of instruction 
    • The second disbursement is released for Fall students in November 2017.  
    • The third disbursement is released for Spring students in January 2018.
    • The fourth disbursement is released for Spring students in April 2018. 


*For student who did not attend full time in both the Fall and Spring semesters, Pell may be available during the Summer semester. Disbursement for the Summer semester are made in Mid-July.

  • FSEOG will be paid in one payment each semester
    *FSEOG eligibility is contingent upon funding
    • The first Fall disbursement for eligible FSEOG students is released in November 2017.
    • The second Spring disbursement for eligible FSEOG students is released in April 2018.
  • Cal Grants (B & C) - Cal Grant B and C awards are generally disbursed in one payment per semester.
    *All Cal Grant disbursements are contingent upon funding from the state of California. The below dates are tentative:
    • The Fall disbursement for eligible Cal Grant students is released as early as September 2017.
    • The Spring disbursement for eligible Cal Grant students is released as early as February 2018.
    • In cases of late award notification; the award will be disbursed on the next available disbursement date.

*Cal Grant recipients are selected by CSAC. Students will receive an email notification once eligibility has been confirmed and awards have been determined.

  • Federal Work-Study funds must be earned through work and students must be enrolled in at least 6 units each semester. Students are responsible to ensure that their time sheets are sent by the supervisor to the Financial Aid Office monthly. Checks are mailed by the 12th of each month provided the time sheet was submitted on time. 
  • Chafee Grant -- Disbursement schedule is set by the Chancellor's Office. Please visit Chafee website for further information

Awards are based on full-time enrollment status; however, students are not necessarily required to enroll in full-time units to receive aid.  If students are enrolled in less than full-time for the semester, disbursement will be adjusted in accordance with the enrollment status. 

  • 12 or more units = full-time enrollment status (students receive 100% of award per semester)
  • 9.0 - 11.5 units = 3/4 time enrollment status (students receive 75% of award per semester)
  • 6.0 - 8.5 units = 1/2 time enrollment status (students receive 50% of award per semester)
  • 5.5 units or less = less than half-time enrollment status (award will be prorated; not all students are eligible at less than half-time enrollment)

*Please note:  Some students must be in a certain minimum amount of units in order to receive any funding based on their eligibility.  The percentage breakdown above is an example, and in some cases students may have specific Pell entitlement that is not included in the description above.

Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU):  Students receiving the Federal Pell grant are limited to six years (12 semesters) or full time equivalent (600%) of aid. Once you have received 600% of Pell grant, you will no longer be eligible for additional Pell Grants at San Bernardino Valley College or any college/university in the country, regardless of completion of program of study or Bachelors.

If a student drops all of his/her courses in any given semester, they may be responsible for repaying a portion of their disbursement, in accordance with federal regulations