The goal of the VRC is to provide a welcoming environment for all who visit.  The VRC provides resources for academic programs specifically catered towards Veterans, Veteran dependents and Veteran spouses.  The VRC can provide information about Military Transcript Requests, Montgomery GI Bill & Vocational Rehabilitation, Troops to Teachers, Veteran specific Scholarships, as well as the Yellow Ribbon Program.  The VRC also offers computers for Veteran students to apply to college, search for employment, apply for scholarships, apply for the GI Bill and to do homework.

The office may assist the veteran with referrals to various veteran-serving programs in the Inland Empire, such as:

Military Transcripts

Army or National Guard

Navy or Marines

Air Force

Coast Guard

ACE Military Guide Online

American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.

The mission of the Veterans Resource Center is to provide assistance through education, certification and guidance to military veterans and their dependents in achieving their educational objectives and to effectively promote the retention, graduation, and transfer of military veteran students and their dependents.