• Unfortunately, no. Our GenerationGo! Program requires a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA to participate.


  • Yes. A new and full online application, a High School Concurrent Enrollment Petition, and official transcripts are required for each term of enrollment. If you have completed courses during the previous Fall or Spring semester, you are considered a "continuing student" and will not have to reapply online. But you will need to complete the other steps.
  • Maybe. In order to be offered a work-experience position by WDD, you must be able to provide right-to-work documents to them. If you cannot provide these documents, you are still eligible to enroll in the SBVC courses, but will have to obtain a work-experience position on your own.
  • Please submit your applications to your high school GenerationGo! program liaison. They will then give our office your application, where we will review your information for completeness. To find out who your high school GenerationGo! program liaison is, please contact our office.
  • We require official transcripts for the GenerationGo! Program. Transcripts must be current, show all high school coursework, and come directly from the school. If a student has attended multiple high schools, then all transcripts are required. We will not accept printouts from student portals or report cards.
  • San Bernardino Valley College offers services to students with disabilities through our Disabled Student Programs and Services Office (DSPS). Students should contact them directly to get more information. Please click here for their web page.
  • Once we have reviewed your application packet and determined all requirements have been met, you will receive an email telling you what courses you were approved to register for and when you can register. We will contact you to inform you if you do not qualify for the program.
  • You will register via our online student portal, SelfService. Please see the How-To section of our webpage for more information on how to register for classes.
  • No. You only need to take it once. Results are valid for two years.
  • Many high schools offer credit for our courses. Please see your high school counselor for specific details.
  • Transcripts can be ordered online and then sent directly to your high school. Additionally, many high schools participating in the GenerationGo! Program have set up a system where they automatically receive transcripts from SBVC at the end of the semester. For more information, please contact our office at (909) 384-4467.
  • Our primary mode of contact with you will be via your SBVC student email. When you apply to SBVC, the college automatically generates a student ID number and a student email address for you.

    Your student email can be accessed via SelfService and through the Log In portal on the college’s main web page. The email is formatted as:


    Where: is the first character of your first name (no nicknames). lastname is your last name up to 20 characters. And #### is the last four digits of your Student ID.


Program Course Descriptions

The GenerationGo! Program consists of a series of (4) VOCED courses in a single term, followed by (1) WKEXP 099 course taken after successful completion of all (4) VOCED courses. 

VOCED 600 - Blueprint for Workplace Success (18 hours per semester)

This accelerated noncredit course is designed to provide students with the necessary tools and skills in order for them to create a "blueprint" for themselves with respect to the workplace. The topics covered include, but are not limited to, self-discovery, time management, job market realities, workplace skills (in-depth), effective communication, contacting employers, preparing for the interview, getting hired, and keeping your job. Each week there will be two topics covered. This is a noncredit course.

VOCED 601 - Blueprint for Customer Service (18 hours per semester)

This noncredit short-term vocational education course is designed to provide new and incumbent workers with the customer service skills required to better understand their customers or clients and to increase their employability. The topics covered include, but are not limited to, understanding what customers want, listening to customers, and customer service support. After completing this course the student has the option to continue their education or become gainfully employed. 

VOCED 602 - Job Search Strategies (9 hours per semester)

This noncredit course is designed to provide prospective employees with a support system that will assist them in preparation for the workforce. The topics covered, but are not limited to, planning a job search, utilizing outside resources, the "hidden" job market, and job market research. After completing this course the student has an option to continue their education or become gainfully employed.

VOCED 603 - Positive Strategies for the New Employee (9 hours per semester)

This noncredit short-term vocational education course is designed to provide new and incumbent workers with the knowledge to increase their level of customer service and colleague relations. The topics covered will include: the new employee, understanding the workplace culture, and dealing with change.

WKEXP 099- Work Experience (General)

This supervised general work experience education course is designed to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, career awareness, and job attitudes consistent with contemporary community standards. For every 1 unit of paid work, students must complete 75 hours or work experience. For every 1 hour of unpaid volunteer work, students must complete 60 hours of work experience. 


Student's Right to Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of a student’s educational records by placing limits on whom may have access to the records, what information may be shared or disclosed, and how that information may be used. San Bernardino Valley College complies with FERPA and has strict policies and procedures in place governing student records. Because concurrently enrolled high school participating in the GenerationGo! Program students are considered college students (even if underage), San Bernardino Valley College does not permit access to their educational records or disclose information to anyone (including parents and/or legal guardians). This means that if calling, emailing, or visiting SBVC to get any kind of student record information, students MUST be the person of contact. We cannot give any student record information to parents or guardians, regardless of the student's age. General program questions are welcomed by anyone.