The Political Science Department offers courses satisfying general education requirements for an Associate Degree and transfer requirements for the majors offered at colleges and universities. Our department offers courses to meet the California State University graduation requirement of U.S. Constitution and California State and local government, and may be certified for CSU GE-Breadth (POLIT 100).  We also offer courses that provide service-learning opportunities for students seeking development of leadership skills through involvement in on-and off-campus community service (POLIT 138, POLIT 138H, POLIT 139, and POLIT 139H). For students interested in global affairs, we offer Comparative Politics (POLIT 140) and World Politics (POLIT 141 and POLIT 141H).  We offer POLIT 110 and POLIT 110H for students interested in the development of Western political thought and philosophy.

A major in Political Science provides useful preparation for students interested in careers in politics, government (including the foreign service, the military and intelligence); teaching; public administration; public relations; law enforcement; the legal professions, and related fields. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in political science should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower-division requirements.