• Almost anything! The AA-T in Philosophy will prepare you for the future. You will learn how to learn, and therefore, you will know how to both set and achieve your goals!

  • No. Online classes in the department are as rigorous and challenging as their on-campus counterparts; in fact, online classes may be more difficult for some students. Online classes require self motivation and self discipline.

  • All the classes in the department have been approved for online delivery. Each class in the department has, at one time, been offered online. However, the schedules of any specific semester are determined by monetary limitations and enrollment targets.

    So a historical pattern of course offerings is no guarantee that the same pattern will appear in the future.

  • You need access to a computer with a modern operating system (Windows 7 or higher......or Mac OS X....). That computer needs a modern web browser (Firefox 4, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 9) and access to the Internet.

  • Yes. All the classes in the department transfer to baccalaureate institutions. But please check with your destination institution to make sure that the courses fulfill the specific requirements that you need.

    Each college or university is different and has different requirements.

  • No. There is nothing on an SBVC transcript that indicates the delivery mode of a class. An online class fulfills the same requirements as its on-campus counterpart.


More practical issues: