Information literacy is an essential skill for students to excel in an era of unprecedented connectivity. Not only will it serve them in their academic pursuits, but our students will also enter the workforce better informed and prepared for the tumultuous information ecosystem that exists today. The Library Technology program exists to ensure that students develop these skills, as well as provide a solid foundation for the next generation of library paraprofessionals. The program offers a Library Technology certificate and associate of arts degree. Students with these credentials are eligible for work as school library specialists; library technicians, clerks, and pages; and library catalogers and billing specialists. The entire program can be completed online, with only one optional class (LIB 062) remaining in a hybrid format. The program serves a vital role in supplying the workforce for our local school, city, county, and academic library systems. All SBVC students are encouraged to take LIB 110, a transferable course that offers a broad introduction to information literacy, research, and critical evaluation of online information sources.


Degrees & Certificates

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