The department of Human Services offers several options for students wanting to enter the helping professions. The department is considered interdisciplinary, offering CTE certificates only for those who are entering the workforce in specific entry level positions, a Human Services AA degree for those who are preparing to transfer for careers requiring a BA or Masters level degree, or a combination of both a certificate and degree.

The Alcohol and Drug Certificate is accredited by California Alcohol and Drug Educators, CAADE, an organization that accredits college program curriculum to align with state standards. This certificate is also recognized by the Department of Health Care Services, DHCS, as the first of 3 steps in acquiring state certification.

The 3 steps for Alcohol and Drug Certification in the state of California as outlined in title 9 of the counselor regulations by the DHCS are as follows:

  1. Complete a certification program and receive certificate, this includes registering with one of the state approved certification bodies, CAADE, CCAPP, or CADTP
  2. Complete the state exam given by the certification body
  3. Complete 2500-3000 hours of supervised, (by clinical counselor with an AOD certification, in a DHCS licensed facility

Upon enrolling in the certificate program, the department suggests meeting with the faculty chair or professional expert in the department of Human Services to understand the process of state certification and the jobs open for alcohol and drug counselors at every level of certification and / or degree.

Degrees & Certificates

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