George Iwanaga Memorial Scholarship

The George Iwanaga Memorial Scholarship is for students of Spanish, planning a career in teaching.  Two semesters of Spanish Language courses must have been completed at SBVC with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average.  The Spanish Department makes the selections.

Sigma Delta Mu, Alfa de California Chapter

The Spanish faculty advisors of Sigma Delta Mu selects recipients from Sigma Delta Mu members. Eligible students for nomination must have a minimum of one class in Spanish in residence; a 4.00 grade point average in Spanish; 3.0 or better grade point average overall and unanimous approval by the Spanish faculty.

Aram M. Sogomonian Memorial Scholarship

Credentialed with a PhD and a JD, Aram brought a wide range of background and experience to teaching Political Science at SBVC for 26 years. He also taught Business Law and Spanish and was a serious and demanding professor who earned the admiration and respect of his students. Aram also co-authored an introductory textbook in Political Science and was a regular commentator on local and national politics. As a professor, an attorney, and a community advocate, he brought a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of politics, law, and the administration of justice to his classroom. Aram was interested in, and had a great respect for a diversity of languages, customs, and cultures. He shared this interest and respect with students in his lectures on comparative law and politics.

The candidate may be any transfer student majoring in Political Science, Pre-law, Administration of Justice or Spanish with a 3.0 GPA or better. The award will assist the candidate with further studies in government and community related pursuits.

Donors select the recipient.