Sigma Delta Mu National Honor Society

Sigma Delta Mu had its foundation in Sigma Delta Pi, the nation's largest honor society in the field of foreign langauge. It was begun in 1979 and was developed by Dr. T. Earle Hamilton, who formed the society and served as its first president.


Four Fold Purpose

1. To honor men and women who strive for and attain excellence in the study of Spanish and in the knowldege of the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking people.

2. To honor those who work to make known to English-speaking peoples the Hispanic contributions to world cultures.

3. To encourage a greater interest in and a deeper understanding among college students of Hispanic cultures.

4. To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking peoples.


Membership Requirements

1. Student must be nominated by a member of the Modern Languages Department (Spanish professor)

2. Student must have a 3.0 grade point average overall and a 4.0 grade point average in Spanish at the itme of nomination

3. Student must be in or have completed the second semester or higher of Spanish.

4. Student must have completed one semester at San Bernardino Valley College.



An initiation ceremony is conducted at the end of each spring semester. Contact the Modern Languages Department for more information.