Develop Community Partnerships with SBVC

Why form a partnership with SBVC?

Developing a partnership with SBVC’s ESL program enables locations in the community to provide English language learners with opportunities to gain the English language skills needed to advance themselves not only academically into mainstream college level courses but also professionally.

How can my institution partner with SBVC?

Developing a partnership with SBVC is relatively simple. 

  • Step 1:  Set up an appointment to meet with an SBVC representative to talk about the needs of your institution and community.
  • Step 2:  Create an MOU between SBVC and your institution and have it board approved through your institution’s process.
  • Step 3:  Host the class(es) that were agreed upon in the MOU at your site.  It’s that easy!

What SBVC agrees to provide:

  • An instructor to teach the course
  • Assessments to recommend and place students in the proper ESL class(es)
  • The curriculum for the class(es) to be taught at your site

What your site agrees to provide:

  • A classroom with a computer and internet accessibility that will accommodate at least 25 students
  • Access to the classroom in alignment with the SBVC academic calendar
  • Advertising of the class(es) to interested parties in your community


Contact us for more information about our ESL program and/or to set up an appointment to discuss how we can develop partnerships with your site.

Dr. Paula Ferri-Milligan

English Department Chair

Dr. Dirkson Lee

Writing Center Lead Instructor, Professor of English and ESL