Media Internships

Media Internships

Current SBVC-RTVF Students

You may elect to participate in an internship at either KVCR-TV or -FM or at an outside station or production company. You must complete 144 hours for a 3-unit internship. Prior to signing up for RTVF 098 the Media Arts Work Experience (set to launch Fall 2019) or through RTVF 222. , you must (a) arrange your internship with the station or production company, (b) complete the district volunteer service verification form, (c) meet with an instructor in the RTVF department and complete the independent study proposal form, and then (d) register for RTVF 098.

Rebecca Blue Media

The RBM team is made up of misfit filmmakers and business nerds who travel the world crafting stories that contaminate the pocket computers we're all addicted to. As a company, we're a weird mix between a video production company and social media agency. With a natural inclination to social media and an expertise in story structure, we have the upper hand when it comes to producing monthly video content for companies because, unlike our competition, we drive actual business results.
During a period of 6- or 12-months, RBM creates videos on a monthly basis, optimized to best serve the platforms already commanding the attention of specific customers for our clients. Our creative decisions derive from insights gained through the micro-content we produce, making RBM's content the bees knees. We specialize in creating short-form video marketing content and documentary-style brand stories for companies all over the world... or anyone who has a dog. We're bias to those who love pups as much as we do.
Like a lot.
Brand Story Example
Short-Form Content Example
Do you watch more YouTube than you probably should? Do you nerd out on all things video production? Do you find yourself moving faster than everyone else in your class -  so much so that you're doubting the benefits of school when all you want to do is create badass content? Rebecca Blue Media, a production company from Riverside, is looking for highly motivated self-starters who embody both a passion for social media culture and a love of video production. Is this you? Well, first off, stay in school (trust us). Secondly, you're in luck! Keep reading...

Rebecca Blue Media is on the lookout for aspiring videographers who have managed to annoy everyone they know with their constant need to press record. Our 2019 intern team will shoot videos and accomplish the bulk of any technical tasks related to production and post-production. This group of 3-4 individuals will study exclusively under the company owners and not only gain video production experience, but also learn what it takes to run a (semi)successful business creating exactly what Gen-X refuses to acknowledge as, "a thing."

- Develop, produce, and edit short-form videos in-house (After Effects & Premiere Pro) for two of the company's YouTube series. (FAQ series & Riverside Metadata series)
- Assist in filming podcast interviews, event highlights, commercial productions, and various story-based side projects
- Assume DIT responsibilities on necessary productions
- Edit company vlogs, podcast video interviews, and other various social content (Premiere Pro)
- Host live stream Q&A's during event and commercial productions via company Facebook and Instagram
- Pitch ideas for RBM video content based on current events and social trends (monthly)
- Create thumbnails for YouTube & Podcast videos using RBM templates (Photoshop + InDesign) 
- Upload project footage to the cloud and setup project files for editor
- Export vertical versions of necessary RBM videos and transcribe audio for website indexing
- Repurpose old RBM projects by editing new micro-content according to a social media content calendar  

- Edit the back-to-back versions for wedding, event, and various performance-based projects.

- Schedule social media posts (on a weekly basis using Hootsuite) for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, and Twitter according to a social media content calendar
- Email appropriate video links and reference materials to collaborating vendors/affiliates after projects close
- Assist in the creation of client storyboards and proposals using Sprout Studio
- Equipment maintenance & software upkeep (cleaning lenses & sensors, charging batteries, installing any firmware updates, etc.)
- Practical application of video production work within the social media space
- The basics of running a business as a freelance videographer (proposals, invoicing, contracts, etc.)
- SEO & video metadata
- Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, and Photoshop practices
- CRM software & workflows 
- Canon DSLR, Sony Mirrorless, and DJI Drone camera systems
- Camera settings and export formats for web-based films 
- 3-axis gimbals (Zhiyun Crane & DJI OSMO)
- 3-point light setups for filming Interviews
- Product and lifestyle video production for social media 
- The storytelling process and how to effectively apply when filming on the fly
- Ability to work in the US 
- Valid driver's license and/or ability to provide own transportation to and from Riverside each week
- Must pass background check und understand it is a condition of employment
- Must be willing to commit to working up to 15hrs/week for a period of at least 6-months
- Solid foundation of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop
- Proficient in filming with a DSLR system on manual mode 
- Demonstrated understanding of Social Media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
- Must have access to a working computer/laptop capable of handling Premiere Pro video edits (1920x1080p and 4k on occasion)
- External hard drive, formatted for Mac use, with 2TB of space
- Must have an Adobe Creative Cloud account
- Must be comfortable working in a start-up/small business environment
- Has to be comfortable working at our home office - what was once a detached garage is now a production paradise (remodeled to perfection with a separate break area and bathroom).
Listed below are brief summaries of the positions RBM currently has available. Although we cannot guarantee they'll still be vacant after your time as an intern, but you will be given seniority and first pick for any position available upon your graduation as an RBM intern. If we don't have any open positions during this time, please let us know that you're interested in joining our team and we will discuss any options for potential freelance work with RBM.
In-House Video Editor: $13.50/hr (DOE) - Full Time
Manage team of editors and remain POC for any revision requests made by RBM clients. Editor will be responsible for effectively carrying out and/or delegating any graphic creations, promo video edits, wedding highlight edits, and other various video editing projects for reoccurring RBM clients and/or internal marketing efforts. Editor will demonstrate the following techniques weekly; mixing sound, color correction of footage, color grading of video edits, creation of storyboard visuals, etc. Ideal candidate has experience creating content for different industries/verticals with a diverse background in both graphic design and video editing.

Social Media Coordinator: $13.50/hr (DOE) - Part Time
Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for working with the onsite team to supplement all social media initiatives. Coordinator will be in charge of hosting any live streams on social media channels, capturing internal BTS content during video productions, hosting monthly social strategy meetings, creating social media content calendar each month, ensure in-house intern team is on task and is on their way to producing content meeting the "RBM standard", writing weekly blog post in relation to intern team video creations, and handling any engagement needed on behalf of various RBM social media channels/profiles.
Strategic Partnership Manager: $19.50/hr (DOE)
Strategic partnership managers are responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships among business partners and potential leads while also developing strategies to increase revenue for their companies. Partnership Manager's main duties will include; identifying opportunities for new partnerships, strengthening any existing relationships outside the company, intently following up with affiliates and vendors for potential partnerships or collaborations, attending workshops relevant to Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing industries, and building professional networks outside immediate client list.

To apply please submit resume and work samples to Lucas Cuny at

High School or non-SBVC College or University Students Interested in Internships at KVCR

Internships at KVCR are open to high school juniors and seniors as well as non-SBVC college or university students. To apply for an internship, please complete the Internship Application Form and send (a) the completed application form, (b) a copy of a current resume or school transcript, and (c) a letter of recommendation from a teacher or faculty member to


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