Media Internships

Media Internships

Current SBVC-RTVF Students

You may elect to participate in an internship at either KVCR-TV or -FM or at an outside station or production company. You must complete 144 hours for a 3-unit internship. Prior to signing up for RTVF 222, you must (a) arrange your internship with the station or production company, (b) complete the district volunteer service verification form, (c) meet with an instructor in the RTVF department and complete the independent study proposal form, and then (d) register for RTVF 222.

High School or non-SBVC College or University Students Interested in Internships at KVCR

Internships at KVCR are open to high school juniors and seniors as well as non-SBVC college or university students. To apply for an internship, please complete the Internship Application Form and send (a) the completed application form, (b) a copy of a current resume or school transcript, and (c) a letter of recommendation from a teacher or faculty member to

Internships at studios:

Disney/ABC at

Paramount Studios at

Universal Studios at

NBC/Universal at

DreamWorks Animation Internships at

ABC News at

CBS Los Angeles at 

CBS Radio at 

CBS Interactive at 

Viacom at 

Sony at