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This department is in the division of Arts & Humanities.

The Art Department offers courses in art history as well as studio courses in drawing, design, ceramics, painting, life drawing, computer graphics, graphic design, computer animation, web and multimedia design, digital photography, sculpture, and glassblowing.

In addition to associate degrees in art and graphic design, the department offers two certificates in graphic design and web and multimedia design, designed for students seeking employment in the design, advertising, and entertainment fields. A baccalaureate degree in art qualifies students for employment in the fine arts, industry, and education. Students planning to transferto a four-year institution and major in art should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements.

Many of the courses in this department are activity courses that may be taken more than once. These courses are indicated by (x) following the three-digit course number; the number following the (x) indicates the number of times the course may be repeated.