Rose King is a home-grown product of SBVC.

Her family instilled in her a love of education and learning. Rose’s dream was to be a life-long student but realized the pay wasn’t great.

So she changed her path in life and began attending SBVC in 1975. Rose has been an ambassador for learning on the Mt. Vernon campus for more than 35 years.

Rose King started her career at SBVC 10 years ago. Currently, she is a tutorial coordinator in the Academic Advancement Lab/Tutoring Center. Rose describes herself as fortunate to be able to stay in education and watch the transformation of the tutors and students as part of a job that contributes to society.

“Watching the metamorphosis take place in students is the best,” Rose explained as she described her motivation and inspiration.

Aspects of her original dream are still alive and well as Rose continues to take courses as a student at SBVC.

Born in a small South Dakota town, Rose has grown to love the diversity that Southern California and SBVC have to offer.

When she’s not working, Rose enjoys drawing, painting and gardening. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog and two cats.