San Bernardino Valley College is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not allowed on campus.

San Bernardino Community College District Board Policy 3570 Smoking on Campus states:

Smoking of any form of tobacco or non-tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited on District grounds, in all District vehicles, at any activity or athletic event and on all property owned, leased, or rented by or from the District, unless a tobacco use area has been designated.

Please note, there are no designated smoking or tobacco use areas on the SBVC Campus.

This policy allows for the establishment of procedures to comply with Government Code Section 7597.

This policy and the related administrative procedures apply to employees, students, visitors, and other persons who use the facilities on the campuses or centers that are part of the District. To enforce smoking and tobacco control regulations and procedures, the Chancellor is authorized to:

  • Set enforcement standards for all District sites and campuses.
  • Impose a fine of $50.00 for violations of this section.
  • Direct that the District post signs stating its tobacco use policy on campus.
  • Inform employees and students of the tobacco use policy and enforcement measures.

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