On-Campus Facilities Use Request

  • Recognized SBVC clubs and organizations are able to utilize campus facilities at little to no charge.

  • All non-scheduled class events must submit an "On-Campus Request." Due to scheduling of classes, specific facilities can only be reserved for the current semester. Events must typically take place during normal campus operating hours and a district employee sponsor must be in attendance throughout the event and will be held responsible for adhering to SBVC policies and procedures.

  • Only those organizations that are covered under existing SBCCD insurance coverage are qualified to utilize SBVC facilities through this particular program. Academic class-related events hold priority.

  • Please fill-out the "On-Campus Request" below, obtain required signatures and send to the SBVC Facility Use Requests. If you have questions please call (909)-384-8906 or email SBVC-FacilityReq@valleycollege.edu.

To digitally sign the documents below, download the forms and utilize Adobe Acrobat or web browsers Edge or Chrome.