Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions

  • The dashboards are for members of the campus and community to view the current and historical data for enrollment, performance, graduation, and more.

  • To protect the confidentiality of our students, only Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs will have access to dashboards containing course-level data.

  • If you will need regular access to a dashboard, please have your Department Chair request access on your behalf. If the data on the dashboard is only needed once, you may either ask your Department Chair for the data or send us a Research Request.

  • If you believe that you have found data or trends that are worth exploring, send us a request!

  • Dashboards are best used for data that is regularly reported (daily, semesterly, yearly, etc.). Dashboards are also good for viewing data for many cohorts at one time.

  • Current dashboards are updated at least once a week. Trend dashboards are updated at the end of each term/academic year.

    View the Dashboard Schedule for more details.