Welcome to the Planetarium


plural planetariums or planetaria 

1: a model or representation of the solar system

2. a: an optical device for projecting various celestial images and effects 

2. b: a building or room housing such a projector

A classroom at the edge of forever. A tourist office for the rest of the Universe. Our Planetarium is where students, curious types and the community come to learn about their Universe. The George H. Beattie Planetarium has served the Inland Empire for over 46 years, providing entertainment, affordable family evenings and an environment sparking curiosity about our planet, the Solar System and the stars. 


Upcoming Shows

Doors open at 6:30. Shows this semester will be free. Check here for surprise shows over the Summer or special events.


A part of the great Astronomy tradition in Southern California, Valley College's Planetarium offers shows to local schools, clubs and organizations throughout the year. The facility is available for special events, lectures, fundraisers and custom use and serves as a unique classroom available to all departments at S.B.V.C. as a multimedia learning space that's constantly changing and pushing the imagination through technology.

The Planetarium seats approximately 75, features a dynamic multimedia system with many special effects and a very rare, vintage Spitz-Goto star projector. Rotating exhibits of science artifacts, stargazing events and lots of cool interactive space stuff make this a great destination for families, students or curious types. It's a full multi-media experience and one of the most uniquely appointed vintage classrooms in the U.S.. 

Named for George F. Beattie, a long time SBVC math and astronomy professor, the Planetarium opened in Fall 1977. In addition to being used as a teaching facility, public shows are generally held twice a month on Friday evenings. The Planetarium also provides programs during the day for local school groups by appointment.

At the Planetarium, you're likely to find former Coordinator Chris Clarke tending roses, running the projector and telling stories about the Cosmos or you may find the Planetarium's new director, Wayne "Major Tom" Varden, from Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles looking for the place where Edwin Hubble spoke on campus. They'll try to answer any questions you may have about the Universe or schedule that special evening for your group.