Member List

Current List of Committee Members

Hrdlicka, Rick (Administrative Co-Chair)

Bastedo, Dave (Faculty Co-chair)

Batalo, Mandy (Arts & Humanities)

Bojorquez, Anna (Disabled Students Program and Services)

Chang, Andy (District Computing Services)

Feist, John (Classified Senate)

Flaa, Jonathan (Audio Visual)

Hamdy, Rania (Professional Development)

Hastings, Ron (Library)

Johnson, Wallace (Instruction)

Kafela, Kathy (Student Services)

Marquis, Jeanne (Counseling)

Stalbert, Malik (Computer Information Technology)

Metu, Reggie (Computer Information Technology)

Notarangelo, Joseph (Online Ed)

Sifuentes, Aldo (Campus Technology Services)

Sims, Jeremy (District Technology Services)

Underwood, Bruce (Business)

Wall, Patti (Library)

Yearyean, Nathan (Campus Technology Services)