What is the SLO Cloud?

SBVC uses the SLO Cloud to house SLO assessment data. Once you assess SLOs for your course, you can upload your results to the SLO Cloud. 

Click here to enter the SLO Cloud. You'll need the following information for your courses:

  • Term
  • Division
  • Department
  • Course Number
  • Course Section (you can find this on Canvas or WebAdvisor)

Watch a quick video (4:20 minutes) about how to access the SLO Cloud and how to upload your assessment data. 

How often should I enter data in the SLO Cloud?

Remember that SLOs should be assessed every term. That means SLO assessment data should be uploaded every term. SLOs are included in the base pay for all faculty for all terms. You do not need to complete an additional form to be compensated for SLOs.