List of Current Committee Members

In Alphabetical Order:

Yvonne M. Beebe, Faculty (Math)

Dr. Anthony Blacksher, Interim Dean, Social Science

Paul Bratulin, Director, Marketing & Public Relations

Keynasia Buffong, Transfer & Career Services Coordinator (Faculty)

Dr. Raymond Carlos, Director, Student Life

Marco Cota, Dean of Counseling & Matriculation 

April Dale, Director, Admissions & Records

Alan Erving, EOPS Outreach Coordinator

Christie Gabriel, Classified (Senate)

Aida Gil, Classified

Keenan Giles, Faculty (Counselor)

Pete Gonzalez, Faculty (Counselor)

Rania Hamdy, Professional Develoopment Coordinator

Ron Hastings, Director, Library & Learning Support Services

Leticia Hector, Dean, Arts & Humanities

Kristina Heilgeist, Classified (STARFISH)

Joanne Hinojosa, Associate Dean, Student Services

Samantha Homier, Researh Analyst

Dr. Dina Humble, Vice President, Instruction

Dr. Stephanie Lewis, Interim Dean, Science

Alma Lopez, Faculty (Puente)

Gabriel Martinez, Research Analyst

Amanda Moody, Outreach Coordinator

Sandra Moore, Faculty (Psychology)

Joseph Nguyen, SSSP Coordinator

Miguel Ortiz, Faculty, (Machine Tech)

Dr. Joanna Oxendine, Dean, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Justine Plemons, Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Patty Quach, Dean, Academic Success & Learning Services

Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez, Dean, Student Equity and Success

Dr. Rosa (Olivia) Rosas, Interim Vice President of Student Services

Daymi Ruiz-Martinez, ASG

Evelyn Ruiz, Coordinator, DREAMers Resource Center

Nelva Ruiz-Martinez, ASG

Ty Simpson, Faculty (Counselor)

Daniele Smith-Morton, Faculty

Ayana Spivey, Classified

Bethany Tasaka, Interim Dean, Math, Business & Computer Technology

Brian Thompson, Director, Secondary Education Partnerships

Michelle Tinoco, Faculty (Counselor)

Sam Trejo, Director, Financial Aid

Mary Valdemar, Classified (Senate)

Abena Weber, Faculty (Counselor)

Vinnie Wu, Research Analyst