In order to comply with the ACCJC's desire to have institution-set standards in place prior to the next site visit, the Online Program Committee discussed DE Retention and DE Success at SBVC.  After several meetings, the committee decided that the institution-set standard for DE should be rigorous and challenging, at the same time flexible and encourage experimentation.  The following statements are a product of that discussion.

"SBVC's Institution-Set Standards for Distance Education are based on the California State Average for Retention and Success for Distance Education classes offered for credit.  This information can be found at the California Community College Chancellor's Office's Datamart website.

SBVC's institution-set standard for DE will be met if the retention and success for distance education courses are equal to or greater than the state averages for DE classes. 

SBVC's institution-set standard for DE will not be met if either success or retention for DE classes falls below the state average for DE classes for three consecutive semesters."

(Approved by SBVC's Online Program Committee on February 21, 2014)

(Approved by SBVC's Academic Senate on May 7, 2014)